Printed Parts for Builders

Posted by L.G. Orlando on 24th Jun 2015

And so we enter the world of printed pieces...

A few weeks ago we introduced our first printed parts, a couple of grocery themed sets and some slick sci fi computers with custom images, many of which were printed on clear parts. I can say that the results were better than expected! The printed windows, doors, boxes, and containers look great and we can't wait for everyone to try them out in their MOCs. 

One of the biggest motivations for expanding into printed parts was being able to print on clear plastic so that we could make shop windows and realistic city scenes. Though stickers are far more versatile, the option for putting stickers on clear parts was very limited and having shop windows with artwork for restaurants, shops, professional services and other common forms of commerce was really important for our customers and our core design service.

Our hope now is that many people will be able to complete a MOC with fewer pieces and with more immediate results. Instead of 30 bricks to make a sign, now you need only 2 pieces. Instead of building a shop sign from parts where many parts may not be in the desired color, you have the option of a window glass with the shop's theme. Now you can spend more time on the interior details and the architectural features rather than planning if you can express that your shop is a record store and not a dry cleaners; when clearly the sign says it's a Sushi Bar...  ;) 

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