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Get one new design every month!

So what are the items in my Subscription?

What will ship in the mail? Can I get a Discount?
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Each month for the duration of your subscription we email you a link for a set of instructions.

We choose one new document each month to publish to the subscription.

We may also release several other documents in the month where a member can use the club membership discount code to download any other items at a deep discount!

You can try your subsctription for up to 30 days risk free! Cancel before day 30 to recieve a full refund.

Vote with other members to customize future designs.

You can submit ideas for new models to our club members to vote on. Popular ideas will be designated for future release!

For each year there are 9 Club documents , 2 Premium Level Documents, 1 Resource Pack, 1 Mega Sticker Sheet and 1   8.5 x 11 inch poster. Monthly Plans are also available.


CLUB DOCUMENT: Design for Medium Sized Build. Uses between 200 and 500 elements

STUDIO DOCUMENT: Expert Designs. Medium Sized Build. Uses between 200 and 1000 elements

PRO DOCUMENT: Expert Design. Large and Very Detailed. Uses between 1000 and 6000 part elements.

RESOURCE PACK: CD with Stickers. Medium Design. Ships per schedule

MEGA STICKER PACK: Large Sticker Sheet with Lots of Cool Stickers. Each Year will have a theme for the Mega Sticker Pack.

LIMITED EDITION POSTER: A Cool 8.5 x 11 Poster print with brick themed art work!

There will be up to 3 shipments per year.

  • The Resource Pack
  • The Mega Sticker
  • The Poster

We may combine shipments on some releases.


As a Club Member, you can enjoy a disocunt on any downloadable document and store items such as stickers, kits and posters.


You can save as much as 25% on downloads and up to 8% off on tangible goods!

Discounts only apply to items sold on brickbuilderpro.com.


  • A Club style download can cost $8 but with a $65 one year subscription the price is more like $3.84!
  • A Pro Style download can cost $16 but with a $65 one year subscription the price is more like $7.68!
  • Plus with a $65 subscription, the 25% off discount code included with the subscription adds up for big savings on the downloads you love!


We're building the things you ask for and giving you the discounts you deserve!

If you have questions, let us know!

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